Welcome to HeadstockMN...

a place for guitar educators to get “in tune” so to speak. It’s a ‘where house’ of ideas, resources, recommendations, and opportunities, streamlining your path to professional development.

As guitar instructors, we invest years building and organizing our own toolboxes. Most of what’s relevant out there is a well-kept secret, and didn’t even exist when we were going through our own teacher training. That’s why I hope you’ll make HeadstockMN a regular stop.

Launched in the summer of 2020, this site hopes to serve both classroom and studio guitar instructors wanting to enhance their experience.

I’ll be Blogging about trends, topics, and timely issues relevant to guitar teachers, and directing you to resources for your toolkit.  They include the following:


Academic Resources

Some of the best ideas for Guitar Educators from the National Association for Music Education, Perpich Center for the Arts, and the Journal for Research in Music Education.

Artist Features

Links to stories, reviews, bios and performance videos of guitarists worth following.


Pointed reviews on the merits of a wide range of teaching materials

Product Information

Recommendations on gear, gizmos, and gift ideas from guitar retailers


Recommended solo and ensemble material

Trade Publications

Links to lessons, articles, and transcriptions from a variety of guitar magazines


Opportunities for meet-ups and (for now) streamed concerts.


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