Stop. Hey! What's That Sound?


When you search the web for insight on guitar tone, you generally get advice on amp settings and effects pedals. But if you’re curious about the chemistry behind a favorite acoustic player’s tone, you might strike gold.


One day as I was ferreting around Youtube for I don’t remember what, I stumbled on Josh Turner’s analysis of Nick Drake’s guitar tone. Josh begins his exposition by describing how flabbergasted he was when he first heard Drake’s music. I, in turn, was struck by the astuteness of Josh’s analysis – especially as he admits there’s just very little to Google on the subject. Turner relies on his ear and product knowledge to come to some Sherlock-like conclusions. 


If you know Nick’s music, you’d be forgiven for assuming that the opening music of this ‘TONEtalk’ was an original Drake, rather than a Turner copy.


I recommend this video to young guitar students coming into a maturity with their instrument. Turner’s youthful curiosity and attention to detail is inspiring.