2,000 Guitars


I got an email from one my students who picked up the guitar for the first time a couple of years ago, and kept coming back to my classroom – even just to sit outside and play when his teacher would write him a pass. Turns out, his passion inspired a friend, and they’ve since managed between the two of them to amass a collection of 12 acoustic guitars, an electric guitar, an electric bass, a ukulele, and a ½ size classical. 

Boy, have I got a book recommendation for them, and for pretty much any other player who is becoming a collector.

“2,000 Guitars,” by Tony Bacon, is 320 pages (and 4 ½ lbs.) of guitar player bliss. High quality pictures (and descriptions) of guitars from all corners of the earth. A great holiday gift for the young player in your life (or you, for that matter). You’re gonna need a bigger bedroom.

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