Guitar Player Repair Guide

Days are getting shorter. Maybe you’re hunkering down more and prepping for bleak midwinter. It’s time to nestle in and take care. 

Hal Leonard’s “The Guitar Player Repair Guide” shows you in 336 pages how to nurture and make minor repairs to your instrument.

The table of contents promises guidance on the following: Cleaning your instrument, Installing Strings, Neck Evaluation and Truss Rod Adjustment, Set-up and Action, Intonation and Compensation, Tuning Machines, Electric Guitar Bridges (non-tremolo, and tremolo), Acoustic Guitar Bridges, Acoustic Body Repairs, Necks, Fretwork, Nut Replacement, Bindings and Pickguards, Electronics, Finishing and Finish Repairs, and Advice on best ways to Ship your Gear. It closes with recommendations on necessary tools for keeping your best friend performing at its best. 

This is a must for any guitar classroom library. Maybe there’s a student in your class with an inclination to tinker, and would appreciate some apprentice-like experience in guitar care. 

“The Guitar Player Repair Guide” is not a bad holiday gift for your wish list.

Or someone else’s.