JBL IRX112BT Powered PA

Frankly, I’ve never had a head for electronics and sound equipment.

Mixing boards terrify me. Gear works for me when it’s clean, simple to use but powerful, easy on the budget, and easy to set up. JBL’s IRX112BT Powered PA fits that bill. I used a similar outfit some years ago while teaching in Switzerland, and loved it. This package is suitable in size for use in a music classroom, but also takes command in a gymnasium or auditorium stage. Set-up is easy enough for the average student to learn – a good excuse to assign responsibilities. And it’s easy to carry, so you can safely delegate roadie duties to most anyone.


The versatility of design allows you to mount the speakers on tripods, or keep them on the floor – either flat or angled, serving as a monitor. 


That was enough to hook me. A full description of this package can be found here


Acoustic Guitar Magazine recommends it in their October issue.

And finally, a video demo to walk you through this line of JBL product.