Ha Salido La Fiera

There’s never any real money to spend on repertoire in many of our public schools. Fortunately, there are resources for affordable, and even free scores. I discovered Andrew Forrest’s Guitar Ensembles early on, and found it a good place to start. I would always transcribe the parts into Sibelius notation software, which gave me the ability to import standard notation into tablature. The Sibelius file also allowed me to create audio files, change tempo for rehearsal play-alongs, and change the audio mix to export “Music Minus Me” versions. That way, students playing part 1, for example, could rehearse with a sound file of parts 2 and 3.

Our first feature is an Andrew Forrest trio, “Ha Salido La Fiera,” from a suite titled “Tres Jotas Aragonesas.”

On Forrest’s site, scroll down to the composer “arr. Forrest, A” to find the entry.

In the right margin you’ll see an audio link, as well as a “Download” option, which gives you access to the score.

I was fortunate to have a class of 30 high school beginners with the right chemistry to dig into this one.

The live audio recording is actually available on Youtube. Ha Salido la Fiera

I’ve added Music Minus One files here for individual practice or rehearsal play-alongs. Have fun!

Ha Salido la Fiera (minus 1)

Ha Salido la Fiera (minus2)

Ha Salido la Fiera (minus 3)