The Joropo (pronounced ‘ho-RO-po’), is a musical style and dance from Venezuela and Columbia. Resembling the fandango (a lively Spanish courtship dance in accelerating triple meter), it’s inspired by nature and landscapes, and features harp, maracas, and high tenor vocals.

Andrew Forrest offers a three-part Joropo arrangement on his webpage, titled simply “ Joropó.”

Metronome marking is a heart-stopping 200bpm. It’s loaded with abrupt dynamic shifts, accented pull-offs, trills and mordents, pizzicato sections, call and response, and cross-rhythms. A real audience pleaser.

Forrest’s website includes this performance by the Požega School of Music Guitar Orchestra (Croatia)

Have fun playing along

Joropo (minus Gtr 1)


Joropo (minus Gtr 2)

Joropo (minus Gtr 3)