Slash Chord lesson

Students encounter slash chords online all the time, and it’s worth guiding them through it with a unit planner. The planner should clearly and simply outline the steps required for completing the lesson. 

You might start with this beginner lesson – a question and answer approach, courtesy of Guitar World. The notation examples are accompanied with sound filesGuitar World: Slash chords for beginners

This lesson is short, but a good introduction. You can supplement it with another interpretation like this one, which includes more visual examples. Overview of slash chords 

For the student who prefers a video tutorial to connect content with sound, Justin Guitar adds a nice personal touch combining hand close-ups with diagram inserts.  JustinGuitar: Video tutorial

Some students will want to go deeper. This site provides opportunity for extended learning through content, context, and connections. ClassicalGuitarShed: Slash chord extended learning

Make sure your students understand the differences in these online lessons, so they can choose which approach best suits them. Then, prepare simple follow-up cognitive assessments for each (as Google form), so students can demonstrate knowledge they took away from the lesson.

Presenting students with content on a relevant guitar topic like slash chords encourages an interest in reading for content. This addresses the objective of building music literacy.

They should then follow up by performing examples of their choice from a menu of options. This allows them to demonstrate skill


You can introduce as much chord theory as you like in a slash chord lesson, and have them demonstrate that knowledge with an online DIY chord diagram generator called Chordpic


Chordpic is fun, flexible, and easy to work with. It’s a great resource for creating your own worksheets and assignments. Play around with the site, and show your students how.