Learning How to Learn

Learning the Classical Standard ‘Romanza’

In the March/April 2020 issue of Acoustic Guitar magazine, Michael Chapdelaine outlines a variety of strategies on mastering a new piece. He suggests that in order to appreciate everything that’s happening in an arrangement, it’s helpful to understand its elements – melody, harmonic and melodic cadences, rhythmic accompaniment, texture, form, etc. He does this with the classical standard “Romanza.” The online article comes with a link to a pdf. 

This holistic approach to performance results in a richer experience with a familiar piece, and inspires the player to move from ‘playing’ to ‘communicating, and interpreting.’ It means you don’t rush to ‘crush it.’ You take time to understand what the music is saying.

The ideas he presents should be part of any studio or classroom instruction.

Learn the Classical Standard “Romanza”